October 24 - November 1, 2017 / Spain (Openings available)

Accepting reservations now for half and full-day demonstrations,

private coaching and horse training.


Professional traiiners, breeders, riding schools,

and amateurs riders and backyard owners.

ALL are WELCOME to apply!




Tuesday, October 24  -  Wednesday, November 1, 2017


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Leslie Desmond



American rancher and master horseman, Bill Dorrance, of Salinas, California, cmes from a rich legacy of horse handling and riding through Feel & Release. You can be a part of it!

If you are a horse trainer and have reached an impasse with a client's horse, this is a good opportunity to break the cycle.

Trainers in many countries, representing many disciplines have taken Leslie's help and successfully re-started their careers by taking their skills and focus in an exciting new direction. How dod they do it? By reducing the pressure, and increasing the feel & release.

Feel is the horse's language.

Master horseman Bill Dorrance showed his ways and techniques to Leslie Desmond during a five-year apprenticeship in California (1995-1999). For the last 18 years,  Leslie has redined her skills and continued sharing Bill Dorrance's philosophy and horse-handling and riding techniques with her students around the world.  

Their classic training manual, "True Horsemanship Through Feel" by Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond has been sold to students in 38 countries. The guide (386 pages with 725 illustrations) to these ways and techniques is still available. 

Leslie will school horses in the demonstration format for 90-minutes. During the session, as needed, she will coach the trainer/owner one-on-one in the techniques. (Note: On a case by case basis, Leslie reserves the right to determine if a public environment is the appropriate situation for every each individual to participate in the work she is doing with his/her horse.)

Leslie shares and demonstrates the foundations for lightness in a finished horse. This includes the philosophy, techniques and angles/position -- necessary to lighten up your hands, position your upper body and legs, and refine your presentation to your horse using feel & release from the ground, and also from the saddle.

After a course with Leslie, you will know were the feet are, how to direct and replace them, and be able to adjust your horse's head, neck, shoulders, rips, loin and hips  . . .  all this with lighter hands as you refine your new skills towards a reachable goal.