Clinic Registration Process - Documents Required and Other Information

Clinic and Private Coaching Registration Forms

Clinic Registration 

The forms required for attending one of Leslie Desmond's events as a rider or spectator are attached for your convenience at the bottom of this page. A timely start is important, so your help in completing these forms ahead of time is greatly appreciated.


Riders and Horse Owners

Riders and owners of demonstration horses are required to complete the questionnaire and email it as far ahead of the event as possible to Leslie at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please write location and date of the event (e.g., "Denver, CO Clinic") in the subject line so it is easy to file and retrieve your information.

Hard copies of the questionnaire and completed rider release forms should be sent to the clinic sponsor, or brought with you and handed in at the registration table the morning of the clinic.

All of Leslie's clinics are taped; a release of liability is required for participation for all riders and demonstraiton horse owners. It is not necessary for auditor's to complete this form, or the questionnaire.



The only form requried to audit Leslie's events is the Auditor Release form, attached below. Please note that most ranches and stables in the US do not welcome dogs, be they on or off-leash; please leave your dogs at home.

Students have legal rights to their images. Use of phone cameras and cam-corders or other audio-visual recording devices is prohobited. If you want to take photos or obtain recordings of the clinics or private coaching lessons, please ask first. Your respect for the students is appreciated. Thanks!



Several positions in Leslie's 2016-2017 Apprenticeship Program have become available. If you are interested in receiving a course despcription please contact Beverly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (2015 Rider-Demo Horse Liability Waiver - English.pdf)General Liability Form for Riders and Demonstration Horse Owners[ ]314 kB
Download this file (2016  Auditors' Release - English.pdf)Spectator/Auditor Release[ ]256 kB
Download this file (2016 - Rider Questionnaire - English.pdf)Rider Questionnaire[ ]461 kB
Download this file (2016_Model_Release_EN.pdf)Photo Release [ ]365 kB