Copyright ©2004 Cow Camp Missy

Light no candle and let no hoof rest for long
There is a lot of ground to cover before nite's meal and song.

Camp is made, the fire built, cook-pots set in their places,
Hay is swallowed slowly by soft brown-eyed, gentle faces.
It was not too many moons ago, but it was surely fun
Ripe harvest fields and picnics under sommar's longest sun

Now in drifting snow I smile, I quiet-laugh again,
As I wait for winter's blue-black pearl,
the Capricalli Hen!
Just fly to me, my feathered friend,
You can fly, or walk, or run!
But do it soon, and please be quick,
I shiver here, I'm waiting now . . . to drop you with my gun.

Cow Camp Missy