Copyright ©2004 Cow Camp Missy

Winters frozen secret is the heart of spring's new flowers
Mother Earth reveals once more, her great and potent powers.
In May's night air or anytime you sit near supper's fire,
And her sparks cast up to Heaven, lay back, and then inquire

"Just how is it that I ...

"Choose a city-life as foreign as a phone is to a fly,
But dare not leave the dreaded place, no matter how I try?"

"I know why!" your horse will say, "You see, I'm just a little frisky!"
"That's fine!" says you, "But hold on while I drink a little whiskey! "

"First things first, please clearly see," horse mutters through his hay
"It ain't about you, it ain't about me . . . listen now to what I say! "

"It's only fear of failure, or perhaps the fear of fight,
But sure not who said this, or who did that ... it ain't wrong and it ain't right!

"There's gonna to be no 'making it', no success, no perfect wife
There is no fear of dying, pal, when you ain't afraid of life!

"It ain't about yesterday, not next week, and not tomorrow
It's all about relationship ... heck, I'm just a horse you borrow!

"It ain't about what went on before, it ain't about what will,
I care about one thing, you see, just getting up this hill!

"Come on lady, oh, come on Mister! Finish up yer liquor!
You belong to the forests and the mountains now! You ain't no city slicker!

Cow Camp Missy