Copyright ©2004 Cow Camp Missy

Here they come in busses, planes, trains and limousines,
City Slickers from 'round the globe are checking out the scene.

I heard of some from China, Bangkok and East LA,
I heard they come from Thailand, France, and very far away

Like South Africa, and Portugal, and even Scotland too!
They even brought their bagpipes, but penny-whistles few.

I hear they ride real fancy, and some are just quite keen
And rumors say they all ride pretty, even if they're green.

Some Aussies, Cretes and Finns have come, some Danes and even Dutch
They call and write and send their friends, we thank you very much!

So logon now or later . . . it's sure to be a hit!
Just bring your hats and boots along, and ask for Shit-n-Git.

He's faster than an arrow, puts the speed of light to shame,
He races up to pass the guides . . . you're hanging from his mane.

Around the bend you scream for help, you're really slipping fast,
And 5-Ks farther down the road this fear-filled ride is sure the last

But on he charges, up hill and down, you're way out front you see,
But then, at last, he slows a bit . . . at last he stops to pee.

You get a little balance back, then he's off at a madman's pace,
Shouting now, you cuss the beast, and reach to slap his face

And there the line is crossed, my friend, and if you think it's not,
Your thoughts will change when the Crow Creek gang starts warming up the pot.

You've heard about head-hunters, about the savage feast,
But your fate's the same if you think to blame your horse, that beauty of a beast.

They're rough and tough I grant you, but by damn you'll learn to ride!
And when you leave you'll take your piece . . . of Crow Creek Cowboy pride.

Cow Camp Missy