Copyright ©2004 Cow Camp Missy

The fire box is full and I pulled the damper down,
It's almost half a year since I rode my horse to town
Sure there's still a little food and a pint of whiskey rye
I know the bloke I got it from . . . still see him eye to eye

There's the guy who owns the dance hall, he goes to Church on Sundays
There's the lady at the laundry, she'll wash your duds on Mondays
And I despite mean-fat-old Pete who runs the local stable
'Cuz he went and sold my very best horse to his sister's cousin Mable

See, I'd broke down bad mid-winter, like I'm fixin' to do now
Them cowpokes left me walkin', so I saddled up the cow
Well, the boys about died laughin', they took bets on how I'd ride
With my sweetheart's boyfriend's father's gun just stickin' in my side

If your big heart lives in a mind that's died from knowin' you can't believe her
And you've been alone six months or more, well, they call that cabin fever.
Some make it out when the flowers come up, others die with their boots tied tight
But me, I figure I'll get by OK . . . we'll see after tonight.

A man fooled once is still a man, but twice fooled he's not much more
Than a lonesome cuss who sneaks to town for a night making local lore
I'll sip me a nip from grandpa's flask, two shots or more at a time
And I'll take it from there if you take it from here, and any old rhyme is fine

With snow piled high as an elephants eye I might as well make a run
Get a brand new start in Somwarezville . . . I'll pack my knife and my gun
Please feed the old cow if you pass here, you can spend the night in my cabin
And if you cross paths with old ornery Pete, I won't mind at all if you stab him.

Cow Camp Missy