Copyright ©2004 Cow Camp Missy

The boys from Crow Creek, yes indeed, they're quite a funny bunch
Just wander up and ask them while they cook a bit of lunch

They joke and plan their capers every hour of the day
They tell a winner, tease the loser . . . someone's gonna pay!

They're guaranteed to ambush, given just a little time
They'll split off, or you'll lose them, bet you one thin dime

Come nightfall forest chaos, with hoots and howls to boot
The Crow Creek boys take aim and fire. Others say they shoot . . .

But its all feet toward the fire, you're packed tight in the tent
Nothing bad can touch you, those cowboys know a scent.

Horseback sun-up, sun-down, saddle-sores on not a one
Just laugh and play and ride and guide, it's sure a LOT of fun!

You got Pancho, Texas, Sander . . . and then there's Snappin' Sam
English Bob and all the rest . . . it's a pretty damn good scam

I don't want to admit this, but just feel that I should
As bad as they all think they are, they're pretty gol-durn good!
But ... if, of an evening, you happen-chance, to meet
A familiar sort of cowboy all alone out in the street ...

You can bet your last dollar ... and this I solemn swear,
There's more of them hiding, could be right over there!
Because one thing's for sure, ain't but one that's gonna hang
And that's why they call themselves ... the good 'ole Crow Creek Gang.

Cow Camp Missy