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International Horsemanship Coach Leslie Desmond, owner of  Desmond Outfitter,  debuts her new line of custom saddles and equipment for training, pleasure and show. When selecting a custom saddle, the hard-to-fit backs on Warmbloods, Quarter Horses and half-drafts can present a challenge so Leslie herself determines how the trees are designed, and warranties your satisfaction with the fit.

The Desmond Outfitter stamp on these custom pieces means that this beautiful gear stands up to hard work. Produced in the USA, Leslie's team constructs headstalls, reins, hobbles, spur and slobber straps from the finest English bridle leather.  Each elegant hand-crafted piece retains a light, natural russet finish. All edges are dyed and beveled. Along with your choice of stainless or brass hardware, the optional basket weave, floral patterns or a design of your own tooled by a master carver makes your outfit noticeably special. This is the same fine equipment that Leslie uses for starting colts, covering ground, or for "Sunday best". 

"My long-standing plan has been to make beautiful rugged gear available to people who want to use it for a lifetime, and then pass it on to the next generation to enjoy," Leslie said. "I count on a proven team that includes saddle tree makers, tanners, pattern cutters, stitchers and carvers -- all of whom love their work."

Please call us at 603-406-4112 to arrange for your private saddle fit and custom design consultation with Leslie Desmond.