Leslie's Schedule



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Leslie and a couple horses, in the Panoche.

We rode high on the east side of the that day, checking fence.

U P  N E X T . . . . in  S W E D E N !


3 days of FUN wth your HORSES!

Please contact clinic sponsors soon to reserve a spot for your horse.

2 demonstration horse spaces and 4 rider positions are available

Children 16 and under are invited at no charge. Auditors are welcome!

TO BE RE-SCHEDULED / Kushem Gard, Knivsta



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 "Bubble Over" at the Kirkwood, Missouri Horse Show in 1969. Leslie up.





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Leslie and Bill Dorrance talking things over at the 1997 Pebble Beach event.

Bill told her: "Before our ideas go into print, I think a fella

ought to do some testing on the theories."


SEPTEMBER 13 - 15, 2019 / Knutby



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School of Horsemanship, in Novato, CA



SEPTEMBER 20 - 22, 2019 / Syssleback


 Heading for a river crossing in Norrland, Sweden.  Leslie on Vamonos, in 2005.


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Leslie and her mares in the Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming.



 SEPTEMBER 27 - 29, 2019 / Charlottenberg 



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TO BE RE-SCHEDULED / Mariesbergsgard, Kungalv

In four daily sessions with horses and riders, Leslie will introduce the concepts, techniques and terms involved in the "feel-based" communication that she learned from Master Horseman, Bill Dorrance, of Salinas, CA.

Whether you perfer to ride during your 90-minute private session, or want to bring a horse in order to improve your groundwork skills, Leslie will first demonstrate and discuss the most suitable way for each "Horse & Rider team" to develop the lightness and refinement that is missing between them.

The approach taught and practised by Bill Dorrance can change your view of horses, and help you shape horse to become not only

SAFER to ride and to be around, but CALMER and HAPPIER!


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And the Good News is . . .

Accurate hoof placement leads to body alignment, improved

neck and shoulder carriage, and flexibility under a saddle that fits!

How do you increase the chances of helping your horse

to achieve accurate hoof placement?

With good timing and effective coaching.

Both make a big difference.