Dr. Robert Miller, DVM, praises Desmond's results with horses using Feel & Release


       "Thank you very much for your interest and generous praise of my work, Bob. If I did not mention that the horse deserves all the praise, it would be unfair! What I learned about this approach from Bill Dorrance, however, was to stay out of the horses' way. It is incredibly simple for the horse to understand this work. It is not too difficult for people who have the strong desire to learn this. All right, maybe relearning a bit of muscle memory, and slowing down a bit.  It is just respectful horsemanship, nothing more. 

        Once I understood the value of this approach to a horse's mind, the speed at which a horse becomes willing to allow the handler or rider access to, and influence over his body's shape, rhythm and foot placement was really stunning. This is a great way to work with horses in their own language, a way that Bill Dorrance called "feel & releaseā€.

       Once you see this, you get a sense of the discernment and timing needed for the job, and you realize, "Yes, I  CAN do this, too!" 


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