Last call for participants in 2015 - 2016 Apprenticeship Program; All Venues Confirmed

2015  DATES and VENUES CONFIRMED - Last call for applicants.

I want to thank each of you for the great patience you have exhibited during this drawn out registration process. The venue selection and confirmation process took much longer than expected!

The facilities that have been chosen to host these sessions are all in ideal settings, and have the amenities and equipment needed for a top notch experience.  

20 participants will selected on or before September 15, 2014. Scholarships will be  awarded on a first-come, first-served and qualified basis.  

Candidates for this limited number of spaces (20) who have not submitted their contact details must submit complete post address, email, and phone contact details by August 10th.  Everyone who has already sent their contact details to Leslie or Laura will receive a package.

We appreciate your understanding with the series of unexpected delays in getting the registration materials out to you.

Application packets will be sent out by the August 15th. Questions? Contact Laura: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Apprentices in the 12-week program must pick two venues to attend each year. (These do not have to be the same each year.) Limit 4 students per venue; Six riders/apprentices will be accepted at the venues in Norway, Sweden, Spain and Canada.


February 7 - 28 JC Horseshoe Ranch / Tarpley, TX

March 14 - April 3    Douglas Ranch / Paicines, CA

April 18 - May 9 Private venue in Colfax, CA

June 3 - 24 Korumdalen / Rakkestad, NORWAY

July 5 - 26 Kalvfalls Ranch / Österbymo, SWEDEN

August 1 - 22 Woodwind Farm / Hawkestone, Ontario, CANADA 

Sept 13 - Oct. 4   Glacier Valley Ranch / Ward, Colorado

Oct 24 - Nov 14     The Seven Springs Ranch / Glide, Oregon

Nov 28 - Dec 19 Tarrega (Lleida) SPAIN  




Feb 6 – 27     TBA / Tombstone, AZ

March 6 – 27  JC Horseshoe Ranch / Tarpley, TX

April 3 – 25   Douglas Ranch / Paicines, CA

May 1 – 22    Private venue in Colfax, CA

June  5 – 26  Korumdalen / Rakkestad, NORWAY

July 3 – 24     Kalvfalls Ranch / Österbymo, SWEDEN

August 7 – 28   Woodwind Farm / Hawkestone, Ontario, CANADA

September 4 – 25  Glacier Valley Ranch / Ward, Colorado

October 2 – 23  The Seven Springs Ranch / Glide, Oregon

November 6 – 27  Tarrega (Lleida) SPAIN