Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, it is time to say "thank you"!

I appreciate each and everyone of you who worked very hard to build the demonstrations and clinics this year.  I thought it was a GREAT year, in fact it was the best one so far!

Those of you who brought horses for the demonstrations, lessons, classes, and who came to watch and learn at ringside as well....thank you, too. I learned a tremendous amount this year about horses, people, myself... and as a result I have made changes for the better.

To all of you whom I met and, also, to the many I did not meet -- thank you very much for  assisting me in so many ways with invitations, organization, food purchase and prep, secretarial and reception details, posters, website, arena prep, stabling, pre-registration, translation, filming, photography, and I better not forget....the packing, and lifting and the driving!!

To my friends in the US, UK, Canada, Chile, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Scotland, Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany . . . it feels so good to SAY it! So, thank you very much, thanks a million thanks!

Leslie Desmond