September 4 - 7, 2020 / HORSE EXPO in Rutland, Vermont


 in conjunction with the


Friday - Monday, September 4 - 7, 2020 


Don't miss this!

Horse enthusiats, trainers, and horse lovers new to horses will all learn something useful from

watching Leslie will bring two horses along over a four-day period.

Leslie uses and freely shares the "SECRET" of her successes

using the FEEL & RELEASE approach she learned duringher apprenticeship with Bill Dorrance (Jan. 19, 1906 - July 20, 1999).

Training and handling sessions will be 90-minutes with eachnhorse, once a day. 

The rest of the day is devoted to your Questions and some hands on tips that can be taught at the booth to interested horsemen and women. 



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Leslie's 2020 clinic Schedule




Questions for Leslie?

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Learning tools can be found at  https://www.feelofahorse.com/ 

To access site as a public member, just click on the URL, set up a password, and you are IN! If you want to go deeper into the site, you are welcome to access the members' subscription pages for $15 a month. This is a recurring payment that you can cancel at any time, for any reason. 

All new members receive a PROMO CODE for the Bill Dorrance's GIFT of FEEL!  Please enjoy this convenient, downloadable gift for joining THE FEEL OF A HORSE !  This is a comprehensive learning experience for the serious horseman and woman. Not so good at English? We have a great team of bilingual, trilingual and multilingual riders and horse owners. Leslie students are responsible for the translations in Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish and German.

Members will receive a PROMO code to receive a free, downloadable copy of the High Rez, full color, The Bill Dorrance 2020 Legacy Calendar, Access to over 100 instructional audio files from Leslie's "Horse Handling and Riding Through Feel" Audio book, and access to the discussion forum.

1:1 coaching options in English from Leslie Desmond, and in Spanish from Antonio Hidalgo.

Learn about this approach, you are welcome to join us online. We discuss and think about horse and people problems that will benefit from feel-based solutions. Meet the people who are experimenting with it, see the work live in the moment, and celebrate the small and large achievements that Leslie's students are reaching, one day, one thought, one try and one step at a time. It's a lot of fun and brings many new ideas to mind.

If you want to prepare yourself before the clinic . . . you can LEARN MORE ABOUT FEEL & FELEASE from Leslie, her friends, students, and others who worked knew and learned from Bill Dorrance. 

Find Leslie's anecdotes from her Apprenticeship (1995-1999) with Bill Dorrance, Training Tips and, videos of progress with owners, handlers, riders...in the saddle and on the ground. This group is a good place to visit, a safe place to share your experiences, to learn from the honestly discussed and shown mistakes made by others...good place to learn, to make new friends, and much more.

There is always more to learn, and the group we have on Facebook now is one more way to benefit from the mistakes of others and to get support for the improvements you want to help your horse make, and to achieve yourself.

Click here to request membership access to Feel of a Horse closed Facebook group. It's a good way to learn from others who are also learning and sharing their knowledge as their horses improve.

I look forward to seeing you at the Labor Day Weekend Event at the Vermont State Fairgrounds event in Rutland, Vermont!

Leslie Desmond





Subscribe to Leslie's You Tube Channel and discover more about the philosophy and techniques

used in the feel and release approach to handling and riding horses, as taught to Leslie by Bill Dorrance to from 1995-1999. 

The Channel includes the "Leslie Live on Facebook” Sessions # 1 - 13.


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