October 12, 2019 / Strada dei Fornero 32 - 10070, San Carlo Canavese ITALY




L E S L I E     D E S M O N D 



D E M O   &   C O A C H I N G 



 Learn how to use YOUR BEST  FEEL to release your horse's potential for

lightness, willing maneuvers and force-free obedience.



Learn how to release your horse to the direction, speed and

posture you want, when you want.


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Equilibre Horse & Human Education
Strada dei Fornero 32 -- 10070 San Carlo Canavese  (TO) ITALY


Horses moving without hesitation!
Techniques that ensure a fluid transition on the ground
and under saddle, sureness about turns, and clarity
about the difference between changes in posture, direction and speed.
What will  Leslie DO and show you?

1. How to . . . 
lead, lunge, drive, send and follow a horse using feel & release
to arrange the horse's thoughts and control the feet through the mind.
2. Teach a horse to stand and wait.
3.  Raise and Lower the head and neck without force.
4. Prepare for lead changes, one-streide stops and easy gallop departs,
and much more.
Riders will be shown how to take
many of these lessons to the saddle!


Horse Lovers 14 and UNDER are welcome to watch at no charge!




RIDERS Limit 4  /  FEE: 150 Euros





SATURDAY ticket for spectators 14 and over is 40 EUROS. 

You will learn the skills associated with effective applications of feel

using simple techniques that WORK.



Start improving the relationship with your own horse!



Bring a lunch with you, or take your meal at a

nice restaurant in San Carlo Canavese

during the  the mid-day pause.



You are welcome to ask questions between the

scheduled riders and demo horses. 



Your receipt is your ticket. Please bring it with you!




Thank you, Irene Greco

  Tel:  39-340-2873476


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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