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Ewing Films Presents . . . Playing with Magic

a film by Wayne Ewing
based on the book, "Zen Mind, Zen Horse"
by Dr. Allen J. Hamilton, M.D.
Premieres at the
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
March 6 - 10, 2013
For date/time/venue details on the two screenings, read more below.


Spring 2013 Tour OVERVIEW -- Join Leslie in Colorado, California, Kentucky, Nevada and Europe

Spring 2013 Tour -- Please scroll down to learn about important study materials that Leslie prepared to help you better understand the "feel & release” approach to handling and riding horses.  

New clinics and updates to scheduled clinics can be found right here:  www.facebook.com/thefeelofahorse  I welcome you to join that page if you wish.

For additional detail about the clinic format, directions and fees for each event, please see clinic listings

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Aug 31 - Sept 2, 2012 Master the Basics of Feel & Release



New to horses?  Or, have you owned horses for a lifetime and finally reached a plateau in your understanding of how to get the results you really want?  

Starting Friday, August 31st - Sunday, September 2nd the public is invited to watch 6 students of Natural Horsemanship work with Leslie as she trains them and their horses in the use of Feel & Release. You will enjoy as two Arab geldings, a Paint gelding, a Warmblood and a Quarter Horse lighten their shoulders and ease into an attractive, gentle way of gong that will soften their bodies and brighten their eyes.

 This event is also the subject of a 3-day film shoot for Mein Pferde Article Series on True Horsemanship Through Feel and Release with Leslie Desmond. Ilja der va Kasteele, photographer. Translations from English to German by Sabine Buehlmann. 

Daily Schedule

9:00 - 12:30 Morning Session

LUNCH 12:30 - 2:30 PM

2:30 - 5:30  Afternoon Sesssion

Q&A Session daily from 5:30 - 6:00 pm.


Friday Topics


How is this done? One must understand how the horse sees, thinks, feels and moves.

And then? Set him up to succeed! 

Leslie will explain and demonstrate many things that affect a horse's decisions. Then, using feel, Leslie will demonstrate the way she releases a horse to any basic or advanced maneuver. She will coach 6 of her students in the successful application of these techniques.

How do the horse's decisions affect his ability to help or hinder our plans to enjoy his company, use him for sport, recreation and work? Understanding the horse's perception of your dominance, and his submission . . . AND, when the tables turn, his dominance and your submission!

 LEADING UP and BACKING FREELY, with hooves that clear the ground. Leslie's students all learn about footfall, and the best ways to maintain, lightness of the forehand. Many also invest in hoof care that directly supports this goal.


GETTING DOWN THE FEET: Turning over the hocks, turning  the forehand on the ground, and reaching both ends equally on an arc. Leslie will explain this important aspect of preparations for safe mounted work: Also, understanding the lead rope-to-rein connection; plus, a tutorial on WHEN and HOW to place the feet for best results.

Saturday Topics

RESPONSIBILTIY OF A  LEADER: Add your best Timing to Feel and Release 

Set your horse up for beautiful turns on a loose rein-- there are so many variations on how a horse can go left or right! Learn to think clearly in the saddle at speed and design a turn before it is needed!  

Help your horse to make accurate, sharp stops on a loose rein, using  your better feel!  You  must now where the feet are!

Trailer Loading -- to send or lead him in? That is the question. Why not both!

Let's Ride!  Understanding how to keep your horse still for mounting, responsive to your leg, and light in your hand at all times.

Sunday Topics

PROBLEM SOLVING for  New Horse Owners!  

FIRST RECOMMENDATION: do not purchase a young horse, or a problem horse!

But I already have! I want to know what I should do when my horse has not been set up to succeed?  For example, how do I change his mind about 



rears up?  


pulling back?

running away?

resisting my leg? 

tossing his head?

getting behind the bit?

refusing to move forward? or backwards?

being aggressive in the pasture or at feeding time?

How can I change his sour attitude, and his general tendency to be resistant?


When you learn how to release the natural lightness in your horse using feel and release you gain access to your horse's world in a way that few can imagine -- one in which a relationship without resistance or stress is not only possible, it is the norm!

It's an amazing experience!

In the majority of her clinics, space is limited to 4 demo horses per event and a maximum of six riders.

Register soon for private instruction, or for demonstration horse spaces at these venues:



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