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Multi-species processing facility expected in 2012

Multi-species processing facility expected in 2012

Posted: Thursday, Jan 13th, 2011

Land near Guernsey is looking "very promising" as the location of a multi-species processing facility that would likely be in operation by 2012.

This multi-species processing facility would slaughter horses, cattle and bison.

Sue Wallis, the Republican state representative from Recluse - who has publicly stated the United States has taken a valuable asset and turned it into a very expensive liability - is proposing the facility.

Wallis said the site they are currently evaluating is just outside of Guernsey, near the American Renewable Energy Associates (AREA) waste-to-energy plant. They are still in the beginning of this process, she noted, and nothing is set in stone. Their preliminary findings, however, show that this site is likely the most viable.

Working in conjunction with AREA, she said, is attractive because there is the possibility of "them providing us with power and waste heat." Wallis also said they would provide AREA with feedlot manure and other organic waste that they could burn in their plant.

This processing facility is expected to create around 80 jobs.

Wallis said these would be high-paying jobs with good benefits.

"I think it would be a good opportunity for people in Platte County as far as job opportunities; as far as what it's going to do to the economy," Dan Brecht, Executive Director, Platte County Economic Development, said.

Brecht said while he believed there would be people opposed to the facility, there would probably not be as many in the state of Wyoming opposed as there would be in other states.

Thus far a limited liability company known as Unified Meats has been formed. Wallis said they're working with a group to develop the business.

According to Wallis, the same equipment may be used to process all three of the species.

The facility would be capable of processing 200 head of whatever species a day or in a shift. There is also a possibility of adding a second shift if needed, thus a maximum of 400 head a day would be processed.

Wallis said they're estimating it would take six months at least to get through the initial business plan phase. Once that is done, it will take at least six to nine months to construct the plant.

One of their objectives, she said, is to create a sustainable economically viable model that the live horse handling facilities may use.

"It's quite possible that Platte County could be the site of a model that's used all over the country," she said.

At this time there are currently no horse processing facilities in the United States.

"There are about six other projects seeking to get established just like we are," Wallis said.

Wallis said the only outlet to get some return on investments for unusable or unwanted horses is currently in Canada or Mexico.

For the complete article see the 01-12-2011 issue.

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